Getting Carried Away!

Whoops. I got carried away buying yarn!

It all started about 2 and a half weeks ago! I was doing my shopping in town and I saw some lovely t-shirt yarn in Tiger. So I snapped it up. I bought all the balls in the shop. (This was only 6 balls) and rather naively, I thought I would make a poncho from it! How wrong I was.

Last Sunday I was at the future parent in laws with hook in hand and I came to the realisation that I didn’t have nearly enough yarn (planning was never one of my strong points). The problem here was that with Tiger, it’s not as simple as heading online and grabbing some more. Or even walking into the shop for some some. Tigers yarn selection is interchangeable, so you can’t guarantee they will have it! And much to my horror, when I ran there on Monday morning, it was no longer in stock in my store! NOOOOOOOOOOOO! What was I going to do! How was I going to finish this project. I was dreading the idea that I may have to frog it and come up with something else! But then it occurred to me. I was going to be in central on Friday, for an job interview, so whilst I was there, I would pop into the Tiger stores on Tottenham Court Road and Oxford Street. Hopefully they would have some yarn! You have no idea how happy I was as I approached the display in the and found they did in fact have what I was looking for. So I bought all of the yarn on the shelf. But was that going to be enough. I didn’t know. So into the second store I went, and huzzah, again, they had my yarn! Yaaaay.

I came home with a canvas bag full of yarn.

19 balls in total. I think the shop assistants thought I was mad! But I am pleased I managed to find more yarn. Now to get working on it! Watch this space for a pattern in the near future!

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