30 Days of Crochet Day 17

Have you ever had a project that you loved become ruined? What’s the story?

Luckily nothing too bad. I wove a blanket using a really soft chunky yarn in March.  I started just after we picked out our kitten, Max, in anticipation of the day we could bring her home. I took it to her family home on moving day, and rather helpfully, her daddy decided to have a nice little lay down on it whilst we made final arrangements with the seller. 

I think this made it easier to part with her family, as she was completely chill on the tube journey to her new home!

She really loves this blanket, but claws and teeth are a dangerous thing, and she has well and truly nackered it! She has chewed it apart and scratched it to peices.  It is now a wooly mess but she still loves it! And honestly, you can’t expect a cat to not wreck things, so really, it was to be expected!

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