Bake Off Week 7

Yay! Its dessert week! Yum! I really love desserts so this was always going to be fun. I decided that, as much as I love meringue and mousse, they would both be difficult to store and portion out over the week (there are only 2 of us with no planned visitors). Therefore, it was always going to be roulade. I decided to make a caramel apple roulade. 

Therefore the first step was to make apple jam. I enjoyed it but I think I made the wrong decision in that I decided to blend it to break down the chunks.

I then made the sponge. A major issue here was that I do not own an electric mixer. We managed to whip it to a fairly light consistency between up, but we were never going to get anywhere near the whipped consistency required. This meant it didnt fill the tin and it was a little rubbery and dense. However, it was very easy to roll. 

Finally I made some caramel. It tastes divine but I think it could have been cooked for just a little longer. It has inspired me to make millionaires shortbread, maybe with a christmassy twist. Watch this space.

Overall, I am quite pleased with this roulade. There are faults but it is yummy. I would have loved to have covered it with a crumbly sort of topling, but when I got home from buying ingredients, I realised I had no brown sugar, so this one will just have to be bare! 

Next week is tudor week, god help me! I can only wonder what it will bring! But I will be happy as long a Selasi does well!

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