5 Whole Years…

So thursday of last week marked the 5 year anniversary of me and my partner becoming a couple. Now, I know 5 years doesnt sound like much to some, but at a few weeks shy of 24, thats over 1/5 of my life! We had a lovely 2 day celebration – on the actual day, we made a punjabi pizza (or naanza as we like to call it) together. Then on friday, we went to our favourite resteraunt, Zero Degrees in Blackheath, and had yet more pizza. We like pizza. A lot! We then snuggled down back at home and ate a litre of chocolate icecream (one of our other hobbies!) And watched a few episodes of Flight of the Conchords. On our first date we bonded over Flight of the Conchords, and many other things. I was living in a different town to him at the time, so I had to get the last train home. When I said I needed to leave, he offered for me to stay the night and said he would sleep on the sofa. So we went back to his and watched Flight of the Conchords until the early hours of the morning, and the rest, they say, is history! Well, anyways, we had a lovely romantic evening, and at the end of it, guess what? He proposed! Eek! So I am now an engaged lady! I am so excited! We wont be getting married for a long time, as we want to buy a house first, which in London is going to take years, but I will soon need to start preperations since I am planning on making a lot of the decorations myself, including crocheting all of the flowers! 

Anyway, today I am just popping in to share with you the card and the gift I made for him. 

This is the card.

And this is the gift.
What do you think? I decided on purple and gold because purple is his favourite colour, and gold goes so well with purple that we decorate out christmas tree in it every year. I think the card is perhaps a bit odd. I only remember thet I dont have any love or anniversary stamps or dies around about the time I need them by which point its too late. The filled with love stamp in the frame actually comes from a tatty teddy christmas sentiment set. 

Before I go, can we all take a moment to appreciate my pattern matching on the wrapping paper? 

This is the first time I have managed this, and it wasnt even intentional! It just sort of happened. But it was so super satisfying! Honestly, It made my day!

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