BLOG 150!

Wow! I have made it to blog post 150! How exciting. Since I have started this blogging lark, I have written about many things, felting, decoupage, baking, card making, yarn dying, and of course, Crochet! I have discovered many new blogs and learnt many things.

I decided that perhaps it was time I shared a bit more about me!

This is me a good while ago modeling one of my makes!

This is me much longer ago (3 years longer, to be precise) sitting amongst some yarn.

Here is the most recent photo of me I can find, taken by my partner on a train just a few weeks ago.

I thought a good way to share a bit more about me would be to ask myself a few questions! I used a random question generator to create the questions. So here we go:

25 Questions

1. What would motivate you to run a marathon?

Mate, nothing motivates me to run anywhere. Anyone who knows me knows I simply do not run. I would rather be late than run. The only instance where you will find me running is if my life is in immediate danger. So maybe if a jaguar chased me all the way, then I could run a marathon.

2. What is your favourite season?

I think Winter, followed by Autumn. I absolutely love the warm cozyness of Winter. Wrapping up in oversized jumpers and fluffy socks, sipping on spiced hot chocolate, christmas music, glittering lights, the reflection of city lights in the rain soaked pavements, ooh its just all so romantic. Autumn is my second choice, as I love the colours and the anticipation of cozy nights in, being able to start wrapping up, all the leaves on the ground, and, of course, fireworks!

3. Who is the most famous person you have met?

I guess it would be John Barrowman. I used to have a massive crush on him. It was at a book signing. 

4. What are your favorite TV shows?

The Simpsons is my absolutely favourite show. I, myself, am a Simpson, and remember it being on the telly every tea time as I was growing up. I still watch it almost every day!

5. What is one weird thing about you?

I like baked beans, but I cant eat them because I absolutely hate it when my other food gets contaminated with bean juice.

6. What is your favorite song of all time?

Oooh I dont have one favourite song. I am quite eclectic in my music tastes! My Favourite band is Duran Duran, (at a few weeks shy of 24, I may seem a bit young for them but I grew up listening to them via my mum, who was a teen throughout the 80’s), my favourite song being A View to a Kill. But I also love Freezepop’s ‘Swimming Pool’, which tends to make me cry because my partner played it to me on our first anniversary. Also, Anything by Wierd Al. I am a huge Wierd Al fan and actually saw him live recently! I also love Stand and Deliver – Kings of the Wild Frontier was the first album I ever bought!

7. How do you like your eggs cooked?

I just love eggs. But my favourite way to have them is fried, so that the yolk is just a tiny bit gooey but not runny, with crispy edges!

8. What was the last thing you bought?

Reeses peanut butter chips, which I intend to use to try making my own hot chocolate mix. Watch this space.

9. What do you miss most about being a kid?

Not having to search for a job! I am between jobs right now, and absolutely hate filling out application forms – especially when they make me type out all of my work history and input my education history when they could have found all this out by looking at my CV.

10. If you were stuck on a desert island, what would you want to have with you?

My crochet bag, to keep me busy, and an unlimited supply of crisps!

11. Where did you go on your last vacation?

Hamburg – it was magical. We went for the christmas markets, there were parades, there were santa flyovers, it was brilliant. Plus we got to visit the worlds largest model railway! Its definately worth a visit. I am a railway nerd and my partner and I have grand aspirations to build our own, but even if you arent into model railways, it is still super entertaining!

12. What was your favorite subject in school?

I loved drama. I wasnt great at it, but I loved it.

13. If you could choose any era to live in, what would it be?

Probably the 80’s. I love the music, the fashion, the culture. I would have been a New Romantic. 

14. What accomplishment are you most proud of?

I think overcoming my fear of flying. I was absolutely terrified of flying. On my first flight (may 2015), I was crying, I was hyperventilating, I was panicking, I felt sick, it was awful! But by the time we got up in the air, I was so enamoured with the beautiful clouds that surrounded us, I completely forgot I was scared of flying. Then on the way back, we got hit by lightning, and I totally thought it was the coolest thing ever!

15. What is your favorite pizza topping?

BBQ Meat Feast. *starts drooling*

16. Do you like to dance or sing?

Yes. I do. I love to sing. I sing in a punk choir, the Hackney Secular Singers. And I love to dance. I used to dance a lot. I did latin american, ballroom, street, freestyle, and even a tiny bit of tap dancing. 

17. What was the biggest thing you have ever won?

I won a Viral Video competition a while back. I did a stop notion film with a cast of many many pom poms! I wond a £500 amazon gift card, which I spent on a PS4 and a die cutter!

18. What is your favorite smell?

Cinnamon. Reminds me of christmas!

19. Would you rather be granted 3 wishes of your choice 10 years from today or be granted 1 wish today?

One wish today. I would wish for my dream job to happen, so I could start saving to buy a house!

20. What movies have you re-watched the most number of times?

Thats difficult. I have probably watched the Rocky Horror Picture Show the most. I love it soo much I have ‘Dont Dream It Be It’ tattooed on my arm! But it may be Hot Fuzz or Shaun of the Dead. If they are on the telly, I watch them. End of. 

21. What is your favourite candy?

Reeses Peanut Butter Cups, and Parma Violets.

22. If you could live anywhere on earth, where would you live? 

JAPAN! I love all things japanese, the food, the music, the culture, the bright lights, the traditions, everything!

23. When you were younger, what did you want to be when you grew up?

I wanted to be a lot of things! I really wanted to be the worlds strongest man (yes I know – child me didnt really understand gender boundaries!) I wanted to be a wrestler, or an actor (again, I wasnt great at gender definition!) or singer, there was a small time (after a summer spent watching americas next top model) where I considered being a model (ha ha, as if!). 

24. What was your favourite childrens book?

I have 2. Lady Kaguyas Secret (which has the most beautiful artwork), and Skip Across The Ocean (full of classic childrens poetry from all over the world). I still own both of them, and intend to share them with any children I may have in the future.

25. What do you think your life will look like in 10 years?

 Hopefully I will have bought a lovely house. Hopefully I will be married. I would like to have worked my way into the railway industry, you can go far in 10 years! I would hope by then I would have kids. Maybe this blog will be super sucessful and I will be a successful pattern designer or food writer or something. 

4 thoughts on “BLOG 150!

    • Ha ha, my partner and my dad would say the same thing. But me and my mum love them! Anything that smells or tastes of parma violets, we are all over it! When i was a teen, I once told my brother to just but me as many packs as he could for a birthday present one year!

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