Bake Off Week 6

Its botanical week! Yaaaaay 🙂 only one problem. I dont like fougasse, and my partner doesnt like floral tasting things of citrus meringue pie. Remind me why I am with him again? I joke, I love him to bits but he definately made it a tricky one this week. He doesnt like curd at all so that was out (which is a shame as I am a massive meringue pie lover). And he doesnt like any flowery tastes (again, a shame, as I love floral flavours – especially violet). So I had to rack my brains on how I could make a floral cake he would eat. Then it hit me. Boom! Earl grey cake! Thats what I would make. He loves earl grey, like, a lot. Tea is a flower, and so is bergamot! So off I set to make this cake. 

I attempted to pipe a a lavender on top but I dont think it looks much like lavender. My partner thought it was some sort of hat. That aside, I think it came out ok. I was definately back in my comfort zone with cake! 

I usually buy my icing pre made (as its just far superior to my own icing, in my opinion) but I decided to give it a go. I made a honey buttercream. It spread well and piped nicely, but I think I will still stick to the shop bought icing in the future!

The cake was ok. It wasnt amazing, but it was edible. I dont really understand the recipe I followed. It suggested baking for an hour, but it would have been burnt by then. I took it out at 35 minutes and at that point it was a little overdone. Still tasty though. Just could have been a bit moister.

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