They are FINISHED!!!! Finally! I have a real love hate relationship with these slippers. I think they are cute, but lord have they taken me forever to make! I just kept getting sidetracked so much that I have been trying to complete them for ages. But they are finally done! And now I can share the pattern with you! Yahooooooo! Here is what you will need:3.3 -4.3 balls of Rowan Pure Wool 4ply. Or 570 to 744 yards of any other 4ply yarn. This can be in any number or colours, I used 2 balls of purple, 2 cream and 0.3 lilac.

3.5mm Hook

4.5mm Hook

I have rather large feet for a girl, so rather than give you exact stitches and exact directions, which would only work if you too also had big feet, I am going to offer this as more of a construction guide, to help you create a pair that are more suited to your personal preferences:

To start with you will need to create 12 crocheted granny squares. To measure the correct size to make these squares, you need to first measure your foot from big toe to heel. The square should stretch from the oposing corners to reach this length. 

You could create whichever granny square pattern you like. I went for a basic granny but you could be as creative as you like. The only important thing is that the final row is of basic granny square format (by which I mean clusters of three double crochets) as this is how we will join them together evenly. 

Once you have finished the squares you will need to join them together. I thought it would be a little difficult to explain so I drew a diagram. I hope it helps. Those squares that are next to each other should be stitched together first, using a simple single crochet in each stitch, so that you have a V shape. Then you should use the colour guide to stitch the front of the boot together. Stitch the red edge, followed by the pink, the green then the blue. If you have done this correctly, you should have just stitched a diamond shape, which will sit on the top of the foot. Then to finish the basic construction, fasten off the yarn, then stitch up the back of the boot along the turqoise line. You do not have to single crochet it together. Obviously, in my boots, the contrast was neccessary, to tie them together colourwise, but if you are using the same coloured yarn to attatch them as you used to stitch them, then you could sew them together instead – its really up to you. 

You should now have a basic boot. You will notice that the squares do not yet meet at the front. This is where we need to add some more stitches. This is why I mentioned earlier that whilst the over all pattern of each square is not too important, it is important that the last row follows the standard granny square form.

We will start from the back of the boot. Right at the back you will have two chain 3 corner spaces joined together. Treat these like just another space in a granny square. Think of the post in between the 2 spaces as a cluster of 3. You should go around the edge of the granny square along the top and down the front until you reach  the point where the three squares meet. You should do a cluster of three double crochets into each chain 3 corner. Then continue up the side of the other square and across the top until you reach the beginning of the row. Repeat this step twice more, treating it just like a typical granny square, stitching 3 double crochets into each gap. For the next row, we repeat what we have previously been doing, but then we get to the bottom of the front of the boot, we make a slight change. Instead of coming back up like normal, we impliment the join as we go method until we reach the corner at the front top of the boot. (This means that after you have completed a cluster of 3 double crochets, you pause to line up the cluster with the matching cluster on the opposite side, then you pull the loop that is on your hook through the matching gap before continuing your next cluster of 3 double crochets)  If this is too difficult, then it would be perfectly ok to just complete the round like normal then sew the front up with a darning needle instead. Again, its entirely up to you. Once you have reached the top, just come around the corner and complete the round. Now we just need to stitch one more round, which is just a straight forward round of granny stitcher atound the now joined top of the boot. 

And there we are. All that is left to do now is to sew in the ends, then pop them on and enjoy the warmth of making something for yourself. Enjoy!

Oh and if you have any questions, you know what to do. Pop me a comment or send me a message on the contact me page. Happy hooking!

2 thoughts on “Slippers

  1. Can’t crochet, so sadly will not be able to make these, but they are proper, proper amazing. And they look as though they would feel lovely to wear too.


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