30 Day Crochet Challenge

What a fab idea. I found this challenge on Knitting in Wonderland via Missy’s Crafty Mess. I think it will be fun! So here goes, Day 1.

What was your first finished project?

The first project I remember finishing were these amigrumi cats.

I made them in november 2013. I had crocheted on and off for years before this but had never managed to finish anything. These cats were modeled on on my partners mums cats bernie (brown) and finden (grey).

Unfortunately, Bernie is no longer with us, but I hope the amigrumis bring back happy memories for my partners mum. She was certainly smitten with them when I gifted them too her. She even sat them at the table for christmas dinner!

3 thoughts on “30 Day Crochet Challenge

    • Well thank you! I love them! I started making christmas presents that year for the first time. I started with these at the beginning of november, thinking i would have plenty of time to get presents done for everyone in 2 months. 1 month later and this was all I had managed! So I had to make eveyone elses gifts in like 3 weeks! Was a massive learning curve!

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