Bake Off Week 5

Its pastry week for me! So for this week of my GBBO series I am making bakewell tart, as per Mary Berry’s wonderful recipe, which you can find here. The only difference is that I am using strawberry jam, as it is an agreeable jam to everyone in the house.

One of the first issues I encountered was the very first step, or rubbing the butter and sugar together to form a crumb. As you can see, it turned out more like a dough.

This in turn meant that when I added the egg, it all turned too soft, resembling more of a thick batter than a dough. I had to add extra flour and icing sugar to correct the consistency. I also had to refridgerate the dough before rolling it out. I think this is because I let the butter get too soft/warm before I began. I am so used to letting the butter sit, since my main domain is cake, that it didnt occur to me that this wasnt correct for making pastry dough. Oh well. You live and you learn!

The rest of the tart was quite straight forward. The pastry was lovely to roll. I piped the filling in just to ensure even layers. The edges of the pastry arent perfect but thats not so much of a worry. I call it rustic.

Icing it was the most fun. I was really proud of how it turned out. The pink is perhaps a little brighter than Mary would like, I am not really experienced in gel food colour. I completely over estimated how much gel I needed.

I think this is my best bake off challenge yet. There wasnt really much went wrong. The pastry was a little on the thick side, but tasted lovely, and the almond filling was a bit wet. It wasnt undercooked, I think it was just wet because I did not have enough ground almonds, so perhaps there wasnt enough dry to soak up the wet. But it still tasted great! My partner even went back immediately for a second slice! Success!

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