Pretty Things I Have Bought Recently

Its time for another Haul post! Just popping in to share with you some bargains I have recently found!

I found these wonderful heart stickers in a shop called HEMA. The larticular store was in Victoria station. I had never heard of this store before the day I got these, but man am I in love! As well as a modest craft section, they also have really yummy syrup waffles and paprika chips to die for, and lots of other fab things! These stickers were just 75 pence. Bargain!

I bought these lovely ribbon sets on the same day as the above stickers, again, whilst I was trying to waste time in Victoria station. Anothrr first, in that I was competely unaware that there was an upstairs to the store. Was I glad to learn of this when I found these bargains! 12 meters of fabulous ribbons for just £2.55. Thats just 21p per meter. I thought they were perfect for cards. I particularly liked the red and white ribbon, I may fashion it into some sort of candy cane embellishment.

And saving the best until last, I bought 2 balls of this lovely Sirdar Freya yarn. Isnt it lovely? I absolutely love the colour flecks and the rustic feel of the yarn. It is so beautiful, I just had to have it! And at over a third off, (I payed £2 a ball, original price £3.25) I think this is a brilliant bargain. I just have to decide what to make with it! 

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