My First EVER CAL!

How exciting. I have decided to take on my first CAL (crochet along). I have been considering it for a while, but could never quite make a decision on what to do. Often, it is also quite expensive to get the whole pack at onece. But I like the idea of CAL’s because I am pretty hopeless at large projects unless they can be done in manageable chunks. 

This is the CAL I have chosen. It is actually an exclusive CAL that is being published one block at a time in Simply Crochet Magazine (to which I have been a subscriber for almost 2 years now!) Over the next 12 months. It is called the Pick n Mix Blanket by designer Lucy Croft. The first block was published in issue 49. My copy was actually delivered to me early september, but I only just got around to actually reading it! 

This CAL comes with just the one colour pack, but isnt the palette just gorgeous! You can find it here. Any one who knows me knows just how much I love bright rainbow colours, and these have almost a jewel tone! Its £50.80 for the pack, but it is formed of Cascade 220, which is made of 100% peruvian highland wool, so it sounds umptious! I cant wait to give it a good squidge when it arrives! I am so excited! 

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