Bake Off Week 3

Om nom nom.

Last week was bread week, so this week, as part of my bake off series I made some bread. A chorizo and mozzarella cobbler ring, to be precise.

I made the actual dough using my bread maker. I was worried to start with that it would be cheating, but it occured to me that puting it in the breadmaker to mix and knead isnt much different to putting it into a mixer to mix and knead, as many of the bakers did on last weeks episode. As much as I love to bake, I get quite stressed about all of the mess it makes, and I really am not a fan of getting flour and dough all over my hands, so I decided that this was a reasonable solution. The fun of this is in the flavours and construction anyway!

The recipe I used can be found here.

I added paprika, a few chilli flakes and a little garlic to the dough as It kneaded too, just to compliment the filling.

Once it had finished kneading and proving, I split it in to 10 peices and began working into balls.

I first worked the dough into a flat circle. I then placked a circle of chorizo followed by a chunk of mozarella into the center.

To close the ball, I just pulled around the edges of the circle and bought it into the center, holding it in place with my thumb. I kept doing this until the chorizo and mozarella were fully encapsulated. I gave them one last roll between the palms of my hands, just to smooth of the seam a little, then placed them in a circle shape.

I then baked them for around a half an hour, although I cant quite remember the temperature.

They are very yummy. They probably could have done with a few more minutes in the oven, but they were scrummy anyways!

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