Bake Off Week 2

In a continuation of my Bake Off series, wherein I attempt to bake something from the previous show to munch on during the following show, Today I made some totally awesome ginger bread! 

I say gingerbread… I thought I had all of the ingredients but I was missing one crucial ingredient… Ginger! Whoops. And I couldn’t leave the house as I was waiting for parcelforce to come and pick up a parcel for my partner. So I had to make do with mixed spice instead. To be honest, I dont think there was a great deal of difference. If I hadnt told my partner of my ginger mishap, I dont think he would have realised. 

You can Find the recipe I used here. Its really simple, made from very simple store cupboard and has no eggs.

I made them using these cookie cutters. 

Arent they amazing? I love dinosaurs! They are one of my FAVOURITE things ever! So when I saw these cookie cutters, I just had to have them!

I really enjoyed making this ginger bread. It tasted really good and it was really easy to make! I will definately be giving it a go again! Now its time to decide what I will make next week! 

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