Bake Off Week 1

Eek! Its Bake Off Time! Yaaaay. 

I would absolutely love to go on the Bake Off. Only trouble is my partner works for the Beeb, so I am not allowed!

In leu of this, I decided that this year, I would attempt to make something from each week in time to be enjoyed by the second week! So this week, I attempted Jaffa Cakes. I followed the same recipe they used on the show, which can be found here

This is how they turned out!

Not the most attractive to look at but they did taste yummy! 

The cake its self was really easy. Such minimal ingredients for such a sizeable batch. Just one egg, 25 grams of flour and 25 grams of sugar. After seeing vals issues last week with her jaffas getting stuck, I made sure I greased the bun tray to within an inch of its life. No sticking for me!

My problems came with the jelly and chocolate, and I think they partly caused each other issues.

I made the fatal error of not reading the recipe properly, so the jelly wasnt quite right. I began to follow the instructions on the side of the pack, then only realised after I had put 285ml of hot water (as reccommended by the pack) that mary only wanted me to put 150 ml of water in the jelly. Whoops. This resulted in a much looser and thicker jelly than was neccesary. And because the jelly was too thick, it was quite difficult to put the chocolate on evenly. I should have followed Selasi’s example and piped it on. I found it really difficult to put the criss cross on the top as the chocolate kept sliding off the jelly.

Overall, I think Paul and Mary would have complimented my flavour and my bake but slated the finish. I will make sure to follow the recipe to the T next week!

Who is your favourite to win. I am thinking Selasi. 

Have a fab week. 

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