An Alteration Idea…

Hi all. How are we. I have had a fab weekend, full of baking, crochet, discovering a new TV show (My partner finally persuaded me to watch Breaking Bad) and of course, Robot Wars! 

Anyways, I am popping in to show you this scarf which I recently purchased. 

Isnt it beautful! It only cost me £4 in Matalan. I thought the tassles were just adorable!

It is really quite large. Large enough that I can transform it. I think I might turn it into a sort of kaftan. Fold it in half. Cut a head hole. Edge it with crochet. Then crochet panels into each side. Do you think that would work? The main problem I feel I will encounter is finding a yarn that matches the tassels. I really dont want to remove them if I dont have to. Perhaps I could find a yarn to match the navy blue instead. What do you think? Any suggestions?

4 thoughts on “An Alteration Idea…

  1. I know zero about crochet, but I think yes, go for matching the navy. And perhaps pick one or two shades of the tassels and put a pop of their colour in there somewhere too?


  2. Have fun choosing yarn! I think navy would be good too, unless one of the tassel colours is one you really love and could match to accessories you already have. I’m thinking about the red/pink colour, it’d be fab if you had shoes that colour to go with it! 😊


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