A New Project Bag

You may recall that a while ago, I made myself a lovely project bag, using a canvas drawstring bag and a collection of sharpies. Well, that bag got a fair amoint of use. But then I had an accident which wrecked it beyond repair. I put a can of dry shampoo in my bag but forget to put a lid on it, then when I jammed some other stuff on top, the entire can of shampoo emptied its self into my bag. The chemicles in the spray made the ink bleed all over the place, even onto the yarn I had in the bag, and so that was the end of that bag. So this time around I decided to go a bit more permenant. This is what I created.

I improvised 3 different mandela patterns (patterns to follow) and sewed them on. I then lined the bag by creating a little bag to go inside that was marginally smaller and just sewing it along the edge.

What do you think. I love it!

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