A Cute Gift


How cute is this! It is an adorable little brooch I made for my nan ages ago!  It was super simple to make and only required a few basic items. Here is how I did it!

You will need:
2 Contrasting Fabrics
1 Button
Fabric Glue
1 Brooch Pin
Die Cutter
Nesting Dies

First I chose 2 contrasting fabrics. I selected them from a bag of scraps I bought from a fabric shop in Maritime Greenwich. The fabrics themselves were expensive per meter, but they had an offcuts and scraps basket where you could fill a bag for just £5. So I filled it full of wonderful colours and textures. I thought these fabrics were really beautiful together.


I used my die cutter to cut out 2 leafs from one fabric and one from the other, using my set of X-Cuts Nesting Leaf Dies. If you do not have a die cutter I am sure you could cut it out by hand. It would just be a bit more fiddly and time consuming.



After you have cut the leaves out, all you have to do is layer them up and glue them together, then add the button.


Finally, glue on the brooch pin to the back. If I had thought of it earlier,  I probably would have sewn the brooch pin onto the largest leaf before I had assembled it, but I didn’t think of this until after I has glue it all together.

And that is it. All done. This brooch makes a perfect gift. And you can customise it how you like for different people, using different shapes, fabric patterns or buttons to make it unique!

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