Cute Cat Makes

Carrying on with the theme of cat makes, I thought It would be nice to create a rundown of cute patterns that I have found that I would love to try! So here you are. 4 ideas to crochet for your little bundle of fluff.

1. Cat Bed


Find the pattern HERE
I really love this little bed. It is so sweet and very Cozy and it is a great use of colourful tshirt yarn. Simply Crochet Magazine recently published a pattern simmilar to this. I will definately be giving it a try. This pattern comes with a handy video to take you through all the steps, so it’s perfect if you are a visual learner.

2. Toilet Roll Toys


Find the pattern HERE
I think this is a really sweet little toy. You can customise it to your hears content. You could use scraps of yarn. You could make it stripey, you could add more bells or curls or a pom pom or anything. It really is up to you. And isn’t the cat in the pics just precious?

3. Tug/Kicker Toys


Find the pattern HERE
This is another great scrap buster pattern. You don’t need much yarn and according to the author, they are super durable! And you get three patterns in one here, so they are great for every size of cat!

4. Curly Cues


Find the Pattern HERE
Curly Cues are brilliant aren’t they? You could follow this pattern or use it as inspiration to create your own. The author herself was originally inspired by a more basic pattern from Lion Brand (which she links to in the post).

I definately hope to give these a go, and maybe I will use them as inspiration for toys of my own! Watch this space!

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