Cute little Marmalade Cupcakes

Hello all! Today I would like to share with you a recipe to make mini marmalade cupcakes.

Christmas had just been and gone. We had an enormous number of clementines before Christmas which I made into a large batch of marmalade. I made enough that it was gonna take me a while to get through it, but I didn’t have the quantity or the jars to gift it out. So I got to thinking, what could I do with the excess. CAKE! That’s what! Here is my recipe.

I started out with the basics of a Victoria sponge. Same measurement of eggs, sugar, butter and flour.

First, cream the butter and sugar together.

Beat the eggs together in a bowl. Then add them alternately to the butter and sugar with the flour, making sure to maintain a smooth consistency.

Now chop a clementine in half and add it’s juice to the mixture.

Spoon out into cases – I used mini cupcake cases, which made about 36 cupcakes. But you could upgrade then to bigger cases.
Bake for around 12 to 15 minutes, or until golden brown. I always like to bake at a lowish temperature (around 170) to ensure the bake is even.

Once baked, leave to cool. When completely cool, spoon out the tops to create a little well. This doesn’t have to be particularly neat, as we will not see this bit.

Fill each hole with around a half teaspoon of homemade marmalade. Depending on the marmalades consistency, you may need to gently reheat it to loosen it up.

Prepare some buttercream – I usually go shop bought (hey! If Mary berry can use shop bought pastry, then I think it’s fair for me to use shop bought icing) but this time I made the buttercream as per the instructions on the packaging of the icing sugar. Pipe it onto the cakes making sure to cover the hole you made earlier.

And there you are. Some lovely little Marmalade Cupcakes.

What do you think? If you give it ago, send me a pic!

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