An Enourmous Crochet Pie

Do you remember last year, I went to the Spring Knitting and Stitching Show. There was a really cute knitted farm competition.  Well I didn’t enter last year because I didn’t know until it was too late. But this year, I researched with plenty of notice.  And this year, the competition was for a knitted feast! So this is what I entered…


An enormous stargazy Pie!


I first built the top by creating a large circle using the standard method, which is as follows:

1. 8sc into a magic loop
2. Increase I every stitch for 16sc.
3. Increase, sc, increase, sc. Basically increase I  every other stitch.
4. Increase, sc, sc, increase…
5. Increase, sc, sc, sc, increase…

Just continue as above adding one extra sc between each increase per row.
When I reached the size of circle that I wanted it was time to create the crust. I did this by doing 3 trebles in each sc. This created a ripple effect. I then used the steam blocking method to set the waves of the crust and flatten the top.


To create the bottom, I used the same method as above to create a circle but using dc. I made a circle that was a little smaller than the top circle, then I removed all increases and continued to get a bowl shape. When I did the first row that would become the sides of the pie, I only dc’d into the back loop to create a more angular edge.
For the fish all I did was 6sc into a magic circle then for the next row, 2 sc increase, 2 sc, increase. Then I just worked in the round, for 8 sc, a couple of times until the fish was the desired length. Sometimes I did more rows or added an extra increase randomly into a row, to give a variety of sizes and shapes, since not all fish look the same.

What do you think. Judging takes place the day before the event, so I will find out how I do on the 4th.

Wish me luck!

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