Gourmet Garlic and Onion Popcorn

We love popcorn round our house. You should have seen us on the weekend after new years. We watched all of the starwars films in chronological order and then went to see the 7th film in the cinema. For christmas my mum had given us some popcorn seasonings so we put them to good use and made ourselves a tonne of popcorn. I swear, I was more popcorn than person by the end of the weekend! Today I thought I would share with you my favourite combo!


It is so good. Here is how to do it:

1. Make the popcorn

2. Once the popcorn has been popped, add a small amount of popcorn to your bowl, then sprinkle on garlic salt.

3. Add a liberal handful of crispy onion bits

4. Keep layering popcorn with garlic salt and onion bits.

And Voila! One very tasty and very posh looking bowl of popcorn. Perfect for impressing your film buddies. Or just munching on yourself!

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