Christmas Fleece Throw – Countdown To Christmas

Popping in today to share with you a little project I have on the go.

I am currently edging a fleece throw I bought. I got it in wilkinsons! At just £3 I thought it was a bargain, but the colours are a little dull, so I decided to add a little colour with some crocheted edging!


All you need to do is go around the edge with a ruler or quilting square and draw little dots at even intervals as a giude as to where you should place your stitches. Then it is as simple as a single crochet stitch into the dot, followed by 3 ch. Do this all the way around the edge, then ss into the first sc.



This is as far as I have got so far. I will pop in to share the rest when I have finished!

Edit (Jan 3rd 2016) – I have now finished the throw! Yay!


Once I had finished the first round of singles and chains all I did was create a scallop edge. In each chain space I did a single, a half double, a double, a half double and then a single. At the corner, I did a single, a half double, then 5 doubles, followed by a half double and a single. Simples!

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas! Bye for now!

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