Last Minute Gift Ideas – Countdown to Christmas

Christmas has crept up on me this year. It really has!  I have been looking forward to it for so long, but now it’s here its going far too quickly! I mean, it’s only 16 days to Christmas! Wow! And if you are anything like me, you have left making gifts until the last minute! So I have decided to put together a nice little collection of quick gifts you can nock up in an hour or two!

1. Pretty Popcorn Flower Bag


I made this gift last year for my partners mum. All you need to do is work up the granny square twice (adding as many rows as you like to achieve desired size) then sew them together. then add a strap. That’s it. If there are large holes between stitches you may wish to add a lining. And the best part is you can use any granny square pattern you like! I found the popcorn flower granny here.

2. Basket Stitch Cafetiere Cozy


Once again, this pattern needs very little construction. Simply choose a decorative stitch and work it in a rectangle which matches the dimensions of a cafetiere. I chose the diamond trellis stitch, which you can find here. The just add a few buttons and some button loops and you are done. If you are really in a pinch, you can shrink it and make it into mug hug instead.

3. Pretty Rosette Hair Bands


Here is one that truly takes no time at all! You can find the pattern here. You could nock up one and add it to a hairband, make a few and attatch them to an Alice band or brooch, or make loads and turn them into a thoughtful bouquet.

4. Trekkie Brooch


We all have at least one nerd in our family, right? In my case it’s more like half of us! This quick and easy starfleet insignia can embellish a number of things, such as a hat, a bag, or a coffee Cozy. But for a super quick gift, all you need to do is attatch it to a keyring, or, like I did, make it into a hair clip!

5. Rainbow Heart Necklace


This is literally the simplest thing you can make. Each component only takes about 2 minutes! Just crochet up a number of little hearts, then the posibilities are endless! Glue them to the end of bobby pins, make a cluster if them and turn them into a keyring, line them up and glue them onto an Alice band, or even make them into a pretty necklace! Simples!

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