Crochet Christmas Decorations – Countdown To Christmas

I imagine most of you will have put your decorations up by now! I certainly have. But for the more traditional amongst you, this joy may be yet to happen. If you are anything like me then you love your home to be decorated with many pretty handmade things so here are a few ideas for yarny decorations!

1. Dangling Hearts


This is a very easy decoration to make. All you need is a handful of little crocheted hearts, some split rings and perhaps a cute charm for the end. To add a loop you can either use another split ring and some ribbon, or you could chain the loop, like me. All you need to do is make the heart like normal but before you do the final ss, all you have to do is ch 10, then finish as normal.

2. Pretty Little Chain Wreaths


These are very simple and very sweet. It is as simple as making a very long chain and looping it around a few times. Loop it around a toilet tube or deodorant can. Make sure both ends of the loop meet, then use the ends to sew the chains together at the top. Then all you need to do is tie a ribbon over the point there all of the chains are sewn together.

3. Festive Button Garland


Another very simple idea. Grab some buttons (any colour scheme you like) and thread them all onto the yarn you have chosen. Then just proceed to make a chain, and at regular intervals move a button into the ch stitch. I chose to add a button every 10 chains. This is very effective as a tree decoration, or you can use it as an alternative to ribbon whilst wrapping gifts.

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