Festive Dinosaurs – Countdown To Christmas

Dinosaurs! Eek! I love them so much! So naturally, I thought they would be a perfect addition to my Christmas tree!
Aren’t they adorable? This is how I did it:
You will need a bag of cheap plastic dinosaurs (I got mine on ebay for around £2), some small screw eyelets, spray paint and some newspaper.

I took the little dinosaurs outside and I lay them on the newspaper. It is very important to do this outside as the chemicals in the paint can cause you problems if you inhale to much of it.
Spray them with paint, leaving them to dry to a touchable state then spray them again. Then when they have dried to the touch, flip them over and repeat. Make sure to spray from different angles to catch every crevis.
Once they have dried to the touch move them onto some clean newspaper and leave them to cure – this should take a day or so.
Once cured, all you need to do is screw the eyes into the top of the dinosaurs and thread with ribbon to hang from the tree.
Voila! Some very cool christmas decorations! Give it a go. You can try other things as well – little toy planets, robots, fairies or fish the choice is up to you! What ever floats your boat!

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