Candy Cane Cookies – Countdown To Christmas

This weekend, I went back home to visit my folks and have a bumper card making session with my auntie. So I decided to make some biscuits to take with me.


Aren’t they adorable? I love them and they tasted really good. Here is how I did them:

For the most part, I followed this recipe – – the only modifications I made were doubling the quantity and using peppermint instead of vanilla. By doubling the quantity I managed to make enough cookies so I had some at home, some for my colleagues at work and some for my family.


I used a candy cane shaped cookie cutter to cut them out. The dough doesn’t really spread at all so you can pack them together nice and close.


To decorate I took two packets of Renshaw ready to roll icing. One small pack in red and one medium pack in white. To create the stripes first roll out the white icing into a roughly rectangular shape. I recommend rolling it out onto greaseproof paper as this means you can move it around a lot easier. Then roll out the red icing to the width of the white icing and cut it into thin strips. Lay it over the white icing in stripes. When you have finished laying it out, give it another roll or three with the rolling pin to secure the red icing into place. As this is irreversible, make sure to tessellate your shapes as you cut them to minimise the waste. Finally once you have cut out the shapes, just brush the back with edible glue and lay it gently onto the biscuit.
What do you think? Let me know if you give them a go!

2 thoughts on “Candy Cane Cookies – Countdown To Christmas

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