Oh Button Tree… – Countdown to Christmas

Wow! Today we are just 1 month away from Christmas!  I am shocked by how quickly it has come around this year.
For today’s countdown post, I am sharing with you some lovely button trees!


What you will need:
A hot glue gun, lots and lots of green buttons, more buttons in your chosen colour scheme and a polystyrene cone.


This task is all about sticking down the buttons without hot glueing your fingers together (which I did a few times and bloody hell it hurts!) At first, arranging the buttons seems to take forever!  But as you go along it will get quicker, trust me. The first tree I made took about 3 hours. The second only 30 minutes. My top tip is to not worry too much about placement. If there are small gaps, you can cover them later when you go to put on the decorations. You should aim for a variety of shapes and sizes of button to add texture. If you are concerned about the white showing through,  you could paint it green first. My other tip is not to use too much pressure. If you do the hot glue will melt the polystyrene.
If you have a go, let me know how it turns out! It’s really good fun!

One thought on “Oh Button Tree… – Countdown to Christmas

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