Snuggly Scarf Pattern – Countdown to Christmas

Hasnt it got bitterly cold recently? We have been having a remarkably warm November, so it came as a complete surprise when we woke up this morning and it was frosty! Honestly, I thought my ears were going to fall off it was so cold! Luckily, on thursday, I finished making something that would come in very useful. For todays countdown, I want to share with you a lovely snuggly scarf pattern. Its perfect for these cold wintery months. It also makes a fab gift! And its very changeable, as it is just a simple repeat! You can make it as long as you like or as wide as you like, just add more rows of stitches!


What you Need: 4 Balls of Drops Eskimo or simmilar yarn, a large eyed darning needle, and an 8mm hook.




This scarf is worked in basket weave stitch. If you are unfarmilliar with this stitch, this video is really informative! Give it a watch:

This should give you a good basis to work from.

To start you need to create a foundation chain. This needs to be done in multiples of 8. As you saw in the video each block of stictches is 8 stitches in length, so just keep going until you have reached the desired length. Mine ended up with 17 blocks of stitches (thats 136 chains). You then need to add 2 more chains for the stitch right at the beginning and right at the end, plus 3 for the first post of the first row. Turn.


Double crochet into the 3rd chain from the hook and every chain until the end (which should total 138 posts in total). Turn.

Chain 2. DC into the post of the DC in the row below by placing your hook behind the stitch. Repeat this 3 more times, then reverse, by placing the DC into the stitch from in front of the post, 4 times. Repeat 16 times.when you reach the end, you should have one stitch left. HDC into this stitch. Turn.

Thats basically it. All you need to do now is repeat the previous step as many times as you see fit to make it as narrow or wide as you would like!


I hope you like it!

Please do pop over to youtube and have a look around at the channel I directed you too above. They have some wonderful videos, for both right handed and left handed people! I love it!

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