NOEL Decoration – Countdown To Christmas


Its only 37 days until Christmas! Today I am going to share with you a decoration that I made a few days ago! A glittery Noel! Isnt it pretty? Here is how I did it.


I started with a blank, freestanding card Noel, bought in Hobbycraft. I painted it in a cream colour.

TOP TIP – when you have an object which is a little sticky or wet, sometimes as it dries it will stick to the newspaper and you may find it blemishes your work. To stop this from happening, you can use some small buttons just to elevate the project off of the paper. This allows it to dry without the paint or glue sticking to the newspaper.


I decided to glitter the snowflake, so I covered the face of the snowflake in pva glue, and liberally poured on red glitter. A folded peice of card underneath the glittered area meant I could salvage the unused glitter for other projects.


I then started work on the other letters. I bought some contemporary ribbons in a bulk lot from ebay. They were red, cream and grey. I cut them down into small peices suitable for the letters, then I glued them to the letters using strong fabric glue. I left about a centimeter of excess ribbon on each side. Once I had covered all letters, I left them to dry, then finally I trimmed off all of the excess ribbon.

Here is the finished result!


What do you think? I love it! Its so pretty! And glittery!

One thought on “NOEL Decoration – Countdown To Christmas

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