Glittered Goats – Countdown to Christmas

Only 45 days to Christmas! WAHOO.

I really love goats! And I really mean I love them. They are my favourite animal ever. 4 years ago I was working with disabled children. We took them to a petting zoo, and bought loads of goat food, but the kids got scared. So I ended up on my own with about 10 bags of goat food in a pen full of pygmy goats! They were everywhere! Like little puppies. I fell in love!

Anyways, I thought it would be fun to add a little goat magic to my christmas tree! So there they are:


I bought some cheap plastic goat toys and some very small screw eyes. I screwed the eyes into the back of the goats. I then gave them two coats of matt paint to even them out.

I then coated them in simple pva and bathed them in glitter. I bought the glitter and the goats on ebay.


What do you think! I am in love! Now I just have to get some pretty ribbon to hang them on.

If you like this, then keep your eyes peeled in early december, where I have plans for more christmas awesomeness. This time involving dinosaurs!

One thought on “Glittered Goats – Countdown to Christmas

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