Today was my birthday, which means for the second year in a row,  I got to go on a trip to hobbycraft! Yaaaay! And here I am now to share with you my finds!


First I made sure to stock up on the basics – some Kraft cards, some glue mice, some scalloped edge cards, some card seals, and some double sided sticky paper to help with fiddly dies.

For my baking, I finally bought myself a proper cupcake tray! I have been making my cupcakes using a yorkshire pudding tin, which means shape wise they arent quite right. But now, that wont be a problem!

For my card making, I bought 2 dies (only £2 each), 2 christmas stamps (a bargain at only 50p) and also some cute purple felt bows (also only 50p)!

To make some christmas decorations I bought some polystyrene cones (which I intend to turn into little button christmas trees) and this little NOEL freestanding letter set.


My partner bought me two wonderful fat quarters to open on my birthday. One covered in Alpaccas andone with goats! Yay! Just got to work out what to do with them!

For general haberdashery,  I bought many green and purple buttons, some tapestry needles and some crocheted ribbon!

I bought 2 wonderful matching christmas reindeer fabrics – I plan to turn these into cushion covers.

Finally, I bought a heat embossing tool and embossing powders. I have always wanted to have a go, and finally I can! Keep your eyes peeled for a review of the embossing tool!

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