Rugged Bohemian Waistcoat Pattern

Thank for visiting! This pattern has now been rewritten to include much more detailed instructions and step by step photographs! You can find the details here.

Secret Cinema! The best experience of my life. So good I went Twice. Luckily a friend of mine is one of the actors so I got heavily reduced tickets, but I would definitely say its well worth the full ticket price!
Anyways, a friend and I made plans to go, and they were such short notice that I didn’t have time to order costume pieces, so I had to make something myself. I wanted a ragged sort of waistcoat thing, but I had less than 24 hours to make it in, so instead of searching for a pattern, I just made it up as I went along. And now I have written you a pattern. Aren’t you lucky!

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  1. Could not follow the pattern starting it road 27 did not understand a reverse working it in reverse. Just poorly written in my opinion sorry

    1. I do apologise about that. I wrote this pattern almost 4 years ago and I wasn’t very good at pattern writing. I took a break to improve my skills, and hope to revisit and improve some of my old patterns.

    1. Hello there and thanks for visiting. To make the waistcoat longer, you would just add more rows until you reach the desired length at row 15, and then add the same no or rows when you get to row 35.

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