Hyper Japan Was Supercool

So here it is guys, The finished Article – Are you ready?

Boom! Here it is!


As you can see, it has evolved a little. I added a bustle, which you cant see so much in this image.

I also added some felt stars. Do you remember the Gif from my first post? Remember the little stars? Well, I thought I would add them to my costume, so I used a set of nesting dies from X-Cuts to cut lots of stars from different colours of felt. I stuck them to the skirt and around the neckline with plain and simple fabric glue.

I had a great day out. I got a lot of compliments for my costume. and we got to eat doriyaki! Om nom nom!

IMG_6324 IMG_6325


I went for green tea and red bean, Chris went for lemon cheesecake and custard. we also shared a chocolate one (they were 5 for £5). We also had ice cream (In Earl Grey for Chris and Red Bean for me) and Gyoza! There was even Kirin Ichiban on tap! And of course, you cant go anywhere Japanese without getting an alpaca! So here she is – the start of my alpaca collection!

Also I bought this dress, in-keeping with the alpaca theme. Isn’t it gorgeous! I might have found a new fave company in GLITTERBOMB!


Overall, I had a fab day!

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