I Am Going To Hyper Japan!

I am Heading To Hyper Japan!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! We got early bird tickets so are getting in for just a tenner! Bargain!

For those of you unaware, THIS is Hyper Japan.

Its a 3 day celebration of all things Japan, including food, music, culture, video game, anime and of course, COSPLAYING! Which means I needed to come up with a costume!

I decided pretty quickly what I wanted to do. Something I hadn’t seen before. I was going to go as a cloud of soot sprites! Crazy, I know, but thats what it is. This is a sootsprite, if you are unaware:

This idea means a lot, and I mean a lot, of black pom poms and googly eyes! So off to eBay I went. Shortly after, little bags of poms and eyes started to arrive in the post.

Unfortunately when it came to attaching the eyes, I realised I am not quite as dexterous as I thought I might be, so my poor partner had to be bribed to help me (being in electronics means he has a much steadier hand than me). Bless him – he stuck about 600 4mm googly eyes to 300 tiny 10mm pom poms! He sure deserves a medal! And I did some too – But the pompoms I dealt with were 24mm and the eyes were 10mm, so not quite as fiddly as his were.  Here we are mid marathon:

IMG_5971 IMG_5974

It took a lot of time, but we got there in the end!

As for the skirt, I needed a tonne of organza and lace, to get the soot cloud effect I was looking for. I ended up with 7 layers of organza in total. I used a very simple method of machine sewing the organza to the elastic and then hand sewing the gathers.

IMG_6049 IMG_6053

I will soon sew the lace in. Keep your eyes peeled for the finished article! Prepare to me amazed (or confused, depending on your familiarity with GHIBLI)

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