A new adventure in Embroidery!

Now I have made my embroidery wallet, all I had to do was come up with a beginners project and organise everything I needed to begin! So off I set.

I know the most traditional way to begin is with a sampler, but this just seemed boring and outdated, so I thought how about spicing it up? I decided that I could make it much more interesting by making it into a contemporary patchwork sampler. So off I went to the fabric store.




I thought these fabrics were beautiful. I think I will frame and back them with either plain yellow or turquoise, and turn it into a wall hanging. I cut it into 5ins squares and intend to try a different stitch in each square, so when I finish, it will be like a beautiful stitch library.

Whilst commuting home from work, I have to pass paperchase, and when there is a sale on, I cant help but wander in, and usually, I end up parting with a little too much of my hard earned cash! When I went in recently, I found this beautiful little box – which is exactly the right size for my squares and hoop, so I bought it as a project box!

IMG_6376 IMG_6377


I also started a board on Pinterest to organise my different stitches and techniques into a running order!

So now I am completely organised, I have no excuse not to start. Watch this space.



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