Scrap Book

So the weekend after our little holiday to Finland, we sat down with a stack of photos and a blank scrap book (From Paperchase’ Kraft Card range) and off we set.

Here is the front cover and back cover:

IMG_6537 IMG_6539

We decided to decoupage panels of card, using a paper we picked up in the airport on the way back. Using black card, we embellished with branches of leaves cut out using one of my Sizzix cartridge dies, and a large single leaf using a nesting die set from X-Cuts.


on the inside we embellished with ribbons and fabric tape. The ribbon was bought in my local haberdashery and the fabric tape was bought in The Works. We went with a black and white theme to match the newspaper front. Plus, we wanted it to look stylish and chic – very apt for a Scandinavian adventure.


We made pouches using plastic wallets to store overflow pictures and brochures/maps/etc that we might wish to look at in the future.

IMG_6540 IMG_6541

At the end, we included a section for miscellany – humorous observations, magical memories and other bits and bobs that didn’t fit the timeline! There are also places for things that are currently in use (for example, the wrapper to some Moomin winter coffee which we don’t intend on drinking until Christmas, at which time the wrapper will be added to the book.)

IMG_6545 IMG_6544

It was a fun but long couple of days work, and hopefully it will bring us lots of pleasure in the future.

What do you think. Have you made any scrap books. I would love to see!

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