Yarn (and other craftery) From Finland!

Most people who go on holiday may forget about their crafting for a while. Not me. When I set out to Helsinki, I made sure I knew where the biggest yarn store was! That store was Menita. And what a wonderful store it was! So much beautiful yarn at such good value, and the lady running the shop was so knowledgeable and friendly!

I went there for some awesome Finnish yarn and that’s what I got. I ended up coming away with 6 balls of Finnish yarn. This is what I got:


4 balls of beautiful ‘Novita Bambu’, which were only 10 Euros for 4 balls.


2 balls of gorgeous ‘Novita Huurre’ – one for myself and one for mum.


I also walked away with 4 balls of ‘Drops Lima’. Its not Finnish, but it was a bargain – just 10 Euros for 4 balls. Thats only £7 for the 4! Bargain!


As well as that, I ended up buying some very pretty fabric in a shop called Eurokangas. They sold their fabric by weight, which was a little crazy! But i did get this lovely thick autumnal fabric for around £6 euros. Which is only £4! And there is more than enough to make a skirt with! Bargain!

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