Candy Sweet Bow

2015-04-23 22.16.22

I made this little bow as an aside to my candy sweet Bolero. I had finished the bolero and still had a little yarn left, so made up this cute little bow to use it up!

You will need a hook, yarn and a darning needle. That’s it. You can use whatever size hook or yarn you want, just make sure its the right sized hook for the yarn. the heavier your yarn the larger your bow will be. I made mine using Debbie Bliss Riva and a 7mm hook. Here are the instructions:

ROW 1: chain 20 + 2 for the first dc. Turn.

ROW 2: dc into the third ch from the hook. dc into the next 18 ch, for 20 dc. Turn.

ROW 3: Chain 3, dc 19 to end for 20dc. Turn

ROW 4: repeat row 3. Fasten off.

For the center of the bow.

ROW 1: ch 10. Turn

ROW 2: sc into 2nd ch from hook, and into next 8 ch. Turn

ROW 3: ch 1, followed by 9 sc. Turn.

ROW 4 TO 9: Repeat row 3. Fasten off, leaving a long tail.

To finish, wrap the center rectangle around the middle of the larger rectangle. Sew the center rectangle end to end so it creates a tube around the large rectangle. the rows of sc should match end to end. As you sew, catch a little of the yarn from the large rectangle to secure it in place. Fasten off and sew in the ends.

That’s it! Easy isn’t it. Once you have made this bow you could do loads with it. Embellish a bag or hat, make a cute bracelet, attach it to a hair clip, or do what I did, turn it into an alice band!

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