Candy Sweet Shrug


I made this Shrug recently. Isn’t it cute? I made it using Debbie Bliss Riva and a 7mm hook. Here I will show you how to construct one for yourself!



First you need to measure yourself up.


You will need to measure yourself across your back, from your neck to the center of your back, and around the top of your arm.

You will need to crochet a rectangle. the dimensions are detailed above.

For example. My measurements were 37cm across my back, 30cm from my neck to my bra line, and 48cm around my arm. this meant my rectangle needed to be 170cm long (2×37 + 2×48) by 15cm wide (0.5×30).

To create the rectangle, just chain the required width of the rectangle, plus  for the first post of the next row. Turn, and Sc to the end of the row. Keep adding rows until you have 10cm of Sc (Around 17 Rows). You can then upgrade to Dc. Continue to create rows of Dc until you are just 10cm away from the required length of your rectangle. Switch back to Sc and crochet 10 cm (17 Rows). Fasten off leaving a long tail. Use this tail to sew the ends of the rectangle together to form one large loop.

Lay your work down flat with the seem in the center.

20150315_101418 20150315_101456

Now take your back measurement (shoulder to shoulder) which you measured earlier, and from the center, tack to each end of the measurement in contrast yarn. My Back measurement was 37cm. So I tacked to 18.5 cm either side of the center seam.

Turn it in the other way and sew from your first to your last tack. Fasten off. You should now be able to remove the tacks.


when you open it out you should have holes at either side which measure the same as your previous arm measurement. you can now edge the garment if you like, or you could leave it as is. I chose to do a simple row of Sc around the edge and the arm holes.

And there you are! 1 very simple shrug!

If you have any questions, just ask, I will happily answer and queries, as I understand this may seem a little confusing!

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