Product Review – Wiltons Cookie Gun


So for Christmas, my other half’s mum bought me the Wilton’s Cookie Gun. I have used it now a few times, and can say without a doubt, I love it!

Here I am on christmas eve:



This device is absolutely fab! As long as you use the right consistency of cookie dough.

The first time I did it it worked perfectly fine. I used the recipe on the side of the box but halved the quantity cause i didn’t want 8 dozen cookies! and they turned out perfectly, as you can see above.

The second time I used it however, it didn’t go as well. The first trays worth just completely lost shape and expanded, so I added more flour. the second trays worth expanded but at least somewhat kept their shape. so I added more flour. It wasn’t until the third tray that they came out OK. I mean, don’t get me wrong, they still tasted great. they just weren’t as perfect as they could have been. I don’t know why though. the only difference was the addition of vanilla and almond essence, which i didn’t use the first time round.

Anyways – if your consistency is right you biscuits will come out beautifully. The one tip I have is to use parchment. NOT GREASE-PROOF! if you use grease-proof paper, you will find that the dough doesn’t stick, so the dough wont stick to the tray and will instead just stay attached to the gun!

I would highly recommend getting this if you are a cookie lover! After you master the technique you can almost guarantee perfectly shaped cookies every time!

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