Our First Attempt at Yarn Dying!!!

So, my other half has been wanting to dye yarn for a long time. He had been researching and planning and everything. Then we went to the spring knitting and stitching show, and we came across a stall with yarn dyes and a stall with reasonably priced undyed yarn. So we grabbed a few bits! And on sunday, we did it, we dyed our first ever hank of yarn! This is how we did it!

2015-03-08 12.43.34

First, we turned the skein into a hank, and tied it a couple of times to keep it from tangling.

2015-03-08 12.46.47

We then soaked it in luke warm water for around 2 hours. Be careful here, if its too cold or too hot, the yarn will felt! You wouldn’t want that!

2015-03-08 14.12.31

lay the yarn out on  some cling film on a protected surface, ready to be dyed.

2015-03-08 13.35.53

Prepare the dyes. Dilute the powder with water. Obviously the colour will get weaker the more water you put in.2015-03-08 14.44.41

We then applied the dyes using a pippet. This is the tricky bit. We found it quite difficult to evenly distribute the dye. And blending evenly will take a lot more practice! Once the yarn is fully covered, wrap it up in the cling film.

2015-03-08 14.46.40

Place the parcel into a steamer and steam it for around 40 minutes, or until all dye has been absorbed.

2015-03-08 16.58.22

Lay out to dry. This took a while. You must make sure it is completely dry.

2015-03-09 23.18.53

Thats it! All done. I am quite proud of it! Its got a few slightly muddy bits where I didn’t blend well or where I overworked the dye, but overall, I think its gorgeous! Not bad for a first attempt!

As a yarn dying newb, I would love to hear your tips and tricks! Leave a comment!

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