Spring Knitting and Stitching Show

Eek! Yesterday I went to the spring knitting and stitching show with my mum. Today, I dragged my partner along! It was fab! I could have spent soo much money. In fact, I kinda did… whoops. Good job I budgeted for it! Here are some of my highlights:


The knitted farm. This was the competition this year. To enter, you had to enter farm yard items and send them to the organizers. These are some of my favorites!


Some beautiful dress making designs: these were made by children! Wah! So talented!


The crocheted jungle – this was a fab project to teach beginners to knit it looked so good, and everyone in the tent seemed to be learning so quickly!

And of course, I need to share with you everything I purchased.


1. Schachenmayr Mamba Yarn

2. Laine du Norde Duchessa yarn

3. A gorgeous shawl pin

4. Some beautiful hand dyed embroidery thread.


5. Some canvas bags

6. Assorted fabrics

7. Colourcraft metallic shimmer


8. Needle felting kit

9. Yarn dyes


10. Various card making stamps

11. Bamboo template

It was so good! My mum bought loads of buttons and yarn and a knitted karma sutra book! It was a very good day out! Did you go what did you get up to? Leave me a comment! And check back soon, there will be lots of crafting going on soon with this haul!

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