Product Review – Sakura Quickie Glue Pen

So, I found this pen though a magazine. I was having a play with my die cutter, as I had a new set of sentiment dies, and was having trouble adhering them to my cards as i didn’t have any fine enough glue applicators, so ended up with ugly splurges around my sentiments. I mentioned this issue to my Auntie, who also happens to be into making cards, and we said we would have to look into it. and soon after, she spotted a letter asking for advice on just this issue in her monthly card making magazine. so I checked it out. It seemed the best way to purchase these was through Ebay, so on I popped, and I managed to get them for around £2.50 per pen (Quick tip – if looking for something on Ebay, see if the seller also has an auction lot of the same item. Many of them do both auctions and buy it now listings, so find out what you would pay buy it now, and then enter that as your max bid on the auction. this way, you will never pay more than necessary, but, like I did with these pens, you may find that you can get them for a cheaper price). I got 3 in the end, two of which I kept for myself, and one of which I gave to my auntie.

I must say this pen is fab. it is literally a Biro but with glue instead of ink! This means you get fantastic control and detail, making it perfect for fiddly little bits, like sentiments and other more delicate dies. and because you use such a small amount each time, it lasts a while, making it excellent value for money.

My only gripe is that it is very quick drying! I mean super quick! Which is great in some instances, but can be a bit problematic if you have a lot of area to cover!

Over all, I would say this is definitely an essential addition to your crafters stash, but you may have to master a technique to get the best out of it. You need to work very quickly!

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