Rustic Cowl Pattern

As Christmas is well and truly over, I thought I would share with you a pattern for two of the Christmas gifts I made, these two Rustic Cowls. One for my Brother and one for my Uncle John.

My Brothers Cowl

My Brothers Cowl – Close Up

My uncle Johns Cowl

Uncle Johns Cowl – Close Up


You Will Need:

15mm Hook

1 Large Button

Around 100g of chunky yarn (I used HobbyKnit Keswick Double Chunky)

Around 80g of Standard DK (Any Acrylic DK will do)


To begin:

Its really not a fine science. The grey one, given to my brother, is narrow, so only needs a row of 10 DK, the one with teal starts with a row of 12 DK. Both are crocheted holding both yarns together.

Chain the desired amount of chains for the desired width of cowl, then add a further three chains.

Turn and DC into the 4th chain from the hook, then DC into each chain until the end.

Turn, chain 3 and dc into each stitch until the end of the second row.

Just keep doing this until it is at the desired length. You can test this by wrapping it around your neck and adding rows until it is a comfortable length. once you have reached the desired length, fasten off and sew in ends.

then it is literally as simple as sewing on your button. there is no need to make button holes as a 15mm hook creates a large enough spaces between stitches that they can be used as button holes. What you want is a button of around 21 to 30mm. Any smaller and it will fall out of the stitches, any it wont go through the stitches.

So there you are it is that easy – you can add fringes if you like, or flowers, or anything you like. The men in my family are simple so I just went for some stylish buttons, but you could accessorize as much or as little as you like!

Please leave a little comment if you want me to clarify anything.

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