My New Year Blanket

So, for the new year I have decided on one of those ‘1 a day’ projects. I have decided to make a blanket, doing a row a day, every day, for 365 days. Sounds mad, but hopefully it will result in something beautiful and zany and bright.

I will not have any colour schemes, I have decide it would be best to just choose whatever colour I feel like each day. This project should hopefully help me bust some of the more plain yarns in my stash!

Today I have chained 120, using a size 10 hook. I had to choose something that was simple, as it had to be easy to knock up throughout the year. and I used a large hook so it would have a nice loose feel and so it would take less stitches and therefore less time to do each row. so after the chains, I turned and Double Crocheted into each hole. To add some variety, when I come back the other way, i will crochet clusters (So ch 3 and dc1, then skip 2 and do 3dc into the next stitch. I will repeat the skip 2 dc 3 until the end) I will alternate between these two styles.

I plan to update you on the progress of my blanket on a weekly basis.

What crafting are you planning in the new year? I would love to find out!

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