Some Fab FB Pages

Just popping by quickly on this fab boxing day (I say fab, I have had to work all day but hey, money is money isn’t it?) to share with you some of my fave fb pages and some of their most fab makes! From felt to fimo, doodles to  Theres plenty of variety, so maybe you will find something you will love too!

So here they are:


Fake a Cake Ltd. Images belong to them and not to me.

Page number one for me has to be Fake A Cake Ltd. They are just fab! They make fab little felt cakes and biscuits of all shapes and sizes, and they have to be one of the most successful Facebook businesses I have seen. Everything is so lovely and so professionally made, that you cant help but fall in love! One day, I will be able to justify buying as couple for myself!


Creepies. Images belong to them and not to me.

Page number two is Creepies. They are AMAZING! If you browse through their pages you can see plenty of tributes to popular culture icons and film characters! They have a lot of cool fimo stuff, but also plushes, jewelry even little badges and mirrors. The artwork is beautiful and the quality of the make is superb. I bought my mum a brain necklace from them (As can be seen in the top right) and she loves it. It is so fab. Definitely would recommend them!


V’s Pottery Shed. Images belong to them and not to me.

Number three in my list is V’s Pottery Shed. I first saw this page pop up in my news feed with a beautiful rainbow mug bearing the statement: ‘Bugger Off, I’m Crocheting!’. I fell in love. I haven’t been able to buy one for myself as of yet (Anyone wishing to buy me a present, take note) but I did buy two items from this page as Christmas presents. The aforementioned mug for my lovely auntie Joanne, who loves it! and a travel mug (The orange one, bottom left) with a fisherman and a fishing poem on it, for my granddad. the quality of the painting and glazing is superb, and I will definitely be purchasing from them again in the future! I might buy myself a yarn bowl.


Anne’s Doodles. Images belong to them and not to me.

Finally, it is Anns Doodles. I love this ladies artwork, it actually inspired me to buy a set of promarkers and get back into doodling. In October, I made a purchase from this page, I bought both the elephant (top right) and cat (bottom left) prints as cards, one was given as a birthday card for my partners cat mad mum, and the elephant was framed in a lovely blue wooden frame and gifted to my elephant loving Nan for Christmas.


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