Some of my favorite patterns

Hi all.

I wanted to write a blog post, but as Christmas is so close, I cant really share anything I am currently working on. So I thought instead that I would write a bit about some of my fave patterns.


The Pattern Photograph

My first pattern is this wonderful Amineko Cat. I will be honest, It did take me a while to finish these, I wasn’t as experienced when I made these and I miscalculated the amount of time it would take me to complete them. I also had less knowledge of yarn weights and tensions, so the brown cat turned out a little smaller, due to the yarn being slightly lighter and my stitches being tighter. But as a finished object they are just wonderful, and their recipient, my partners mum, absolutely loved them to bits! She sat them at the dinner table and everything. I may have a go at these again in the future, when I have some new cats to model them on!

My Attempt, Meet Bernie and Finden


Pattern Photo (This photograph does not belong to me)

I absolutely love Dr Who! Its one of my favorite things in the whole world! This is also the case for my bestest friend Catherine. and when her birthday came round, I needed to find something to make her, but time was limited, so I had to find something I could do quickly. And this fitted the bill perfectly – a beautiful little weeping angel. My word, does it work up quickly! It must have only taken me about 45 minutes, and usually, I find projects in SC to be tedious as they take so long to form, but this was super quick and super easy! I urge anyone, even beginners, to give this a go, as it is such a rewarding little make!

My Attempt

Pattern image (This is not my image)

My third pattern, these wonderful little day of the dead skulls, were also found out of necessity to make a quick present for the same friend. once again, it works up beautifully. and they look gorgeous. I attached it to a long beaded chain which I recycled from an old necklace I no longer wore, and ta-dah, my friend now has a lovely new necklace! I would really love to have a collection of these in different sizes and to colours to decorate my house with at Halloween, and i am sure my mum would too, so I will definitely be doing these again in the future.

My Attempt


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