Display Tree!

So, around 8 months ago, I realized my craft stalls were lacking in wow, in levels, in fixtures. But I couldn’t find what I wanted. I wanted something pretty from which I could hang products. Like a twiggy tree, but it also had to be very portable, which meant it needed bendy branches. So I decided to make a tree myself! And here it is!

What you will need

1. A Bamboo Cane (Or something else long, cylindrical and sturdy)

2. Lots and Lots of Craft Wire

3. Some Wire Cutters

4. Some Duct Tape

5. a 3mm or 4mm Hook

6. Yarns

7. A Jar

8. A Ribbon

9. Some Dry Rice or other heavy dry substance

10. Lots of Contact Adhesive


So, to start, you will need to decide how many branches you would like and how many branches you would like to sprout out. I wanted 4 branches, each with two further branches coming from them, so 8 in total.

Twist a couple of wires together 8 times, so that you have 8 lengths of twisted wires,the same length as your bamboo cane plus the desired length of your branches). then take two of the lengths of twisted wire, and twist them together for two thirds of the length. do this 3 more times.

Finally, you should twist these 4 parts around the bamboo cane so that it resembles a tree.

Now, take the duct tape and wrap it around the branches until all wire is covered. this evens out the shape and reduces the risk of poking yourself on the wire.

Once this is done you can add the yarn! You will need to crochet panels that will go around the circumference of each part. you can do it whole or you can do it in panels. all you will need to do is sew it up with a darning needle.

then make some little caps for the ends. Make a magic circle then DC into it about 8 times. SS into the first stitch, then fasten off. these can be glued onto the end.

As a base, take a glass jar and a square of fabric. Place the jar in the center of the square and bring the fabric up around the jar and tuck in overlap into the jar. Fill it with dry rice. push the tree stump into it until it is securely held in place, then unload a tube of contact adhesive into the jar to solidify the rice and secure the fabric in place. you could also use clay, or sand, or gravel, its up to you.

Finally to finish, take a wide ribbon, and wrap it around the top of the jar and tie a bow.


If you have any questions please do feel free to ask!


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