Product Review: Embellishment Attic Bow Maker


I love watching Create and Craft on the television, and I saw this bow maker on several occasions being used in projects! I must admit, I wanted one, but I couldn’t justify the price tag. Then my birthday rolled round, and I was given some money, and I thought ‘What the hell, lets buy it!’ so I did! And I totally don’t regret it!

I really struggle to do nice neat bows by hand, but this tool makes it so easy! every single time they come out perfectly! you can see the consistency in my previous post, where I made many little ribbons to put on my Christmas tree, and each was just as perfect as the next!

Whats more, when you buy the bow maker you also get a DVD with some fantastic tutorials on, which I am currently working on.

I would totally recommend finding yourself some cheap, disposable ribbon, just so you can have a bit of a practice before you go at it with your nice ribbon.

My only snagging point with it (and its very small) is that sometimes the knots are a little loose. I found that the bows my partner made with them were a little loose so the loops of the bow slipped about. I think this is just because he wasn’t pulling them tight enough. He was worried about breaking the teeth of the tool. But don’t worry, if you watch the videos you will see how durable it is – so go ahead, tighten that know until the teeth bend!

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