Some Crochet Projects

Hi all!

To start I thought I would share with you some of my little crochet creations from the past! So here are a few of my favorite projects!

I made these amineko cats last christmas, as a replica of my partners mums cats. They took me forever, but She loved them so much that she sat them at the table during christmas dinner, so it was all worth it! The pattern I used can be found here:

I made these for my Granddad and his lady friend Pauline. they were about to head of on an Asian adventure, so I thought they may come in handy. I am afraid there is no pattern, but they are essentially just granny rectangles, so shouldn’t be too hard to recreate, should you wish to!

I made these beer jumpers on 2 occasions! the first was for my daddy, to go on a bottle of beer I wanted to give him! He loved it so much, he wouldnt take the beer out of it until he had another one to put into it again, just in case it fell over!

The second (pictured above) was for a secret santa. I worked in a brewery, so new my secret santas favorite beer, and needed to jazz it up a little 🙂

The pattern is a modified version of a pattern for a wine bottle cover from ‘Off The Hook Astronomy’.

I love this hat! I only made it recently and it was my first attempt at ribbing! I wear it everywhere now! I made it up as I went along really. I did use this tutorial to help me start though:

My mum collects bulls, and not balls as I first thought (my mum and I are from Swale, a crud hole in Kent, and our accents mean that the word bull sounds like ball, which lead to a fair bit of confusion!). So I made this for her for her birthday 🙂 She loved it!

I made this necklace for my bestest friend. We both have a thing for the day of the dead! I have tattoos, she has jewelry. The pattern can be purchased from Toshwerks on etsy.

My partner and I are Studio Ghibli obsessed! so when I need to knock up a gift a bit quickly, Ghibli is always the way to go. I gave this to him on valentines day! What says I love you better than something made with love!

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